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ISO 16/14/11 NAS 5 Technology 

ISO & NAS coding is used to provide a comparative scale for oil cleanliness. The ISO cleanliness codes are international standards for fluid cleanliness. This technology is based and measured by the level of particle contamination present per millilitre of fluid. 

By having oil circulating through your system with high contamination can likely affect; machine efficiency, overall performance, increase operational costs, and lower the life expectancy of your machines. 

Not only can contaminate's ruin the machine but it can also reduce the life span of the oil. The higher the pollution of contaminants within the oil, the faster acid develops and the faster it loses all its physical and chemical properties. The only solution is to change the oil. Therefore, why wouldn’t you want the oil circulating through the machine to be at the cleanest? 

At Pure Oil we take pride in our oil being at a cleanliness level of ISO 16/14/11 NAS 5.  Through our effective filtration, our experience, and internationally renowned products, we can ensure that we provide our clients with this cleanliness level or better.


There are enormous benefits in ensuring that your oil cleanliness is at its utmost optimum. Case studies conducted from industries have shown.

  • Significant reduction in oil usage.

  • 50% reduction in mechanical downtime hours.

  • 90% reduction in incidence of specific

  • 850% increase in equipment life.


**Note: with bypass purification our new Group II Oil is warranted for 5 years.

We stand by our motto “No system has ever failed… because the oil was too clean”


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