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Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance of hydraulic systems is extremely beneficial when followed correctly, eliminating a large majority of hydraulic component failures. Hydraulic equipment is frequently exposed to environmental and poor working conditions resulting in machine failures. By implementing a preventive approached to maintain and monitor oil condition, this will reduce unexpected failures and costly downtime. Preventive Maintenance is a discipline that must be followed in order to achieve results. It is estimated that 82% of wear is due to dirt and contamination in hydraulic systems causing failure. 


The following are key issues that commonly occur when servicing hydraulic systems. 

  • Contaminated oil

  • Inadequate filtration

  • Incorrect fluid selection

  • Low fluid level

  • High fluid temperature

  • Equipment/ component failure 


Below are a few ways Pure Oil is able to assist with preventative maintenance.

  • Regular oil analysis

  • Provide Hydraulic Oil NAS 5 Cleanliness

  • Install bypass oil filtration to equipment, which filters oil to NAS 5.

  • Regular machine inspections and fault finding.

  • Able to inspect elements using a digital microscope for contaminates.

  • Provide fluid transfer and filtration solutions 

  • Provide safety and spill equipment 

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