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16/14/11 NAS 5 Technology

ISO Cleanliness Codes are international standards for fluid cleanliness. ISO codes show 3 sets of separate numbers. These numbers refer to ranges depicting the number of particles ‘larger than 4 micron, 6 micron and 14 micron per 1mL respectively. The value of this code can help determine the overall cleanliness of the oil. By having high oil circulating through systems with high contamination is likely to affect: machine efficiency, overall performance, higher operation costs and lower life expectancy of your machine. Not only can contaminates ruin the machine it can also reduce the life span of the oil. The higher the pollution of contaminates within the oil, the faster acids develops and the faster it loses all its physical and chemical properties. By ensuring the oil is circulating at its cleanest will reduce the likelihood of these happening. 


At Pure Oil we take pride in our Oil being at a cleanliness level of ISO 16/14/11 NAS 5 or better. This level is far cleaner than brand new oil. Through our effective Filtration Services we can ensure to reach this cleanliness code or even better. 


How clean is your oil?

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