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Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis are conducted to determine the current condition of the oil’s cleanliness and efficiency whilst circulating throughout your machines. Pure Oil uses Australia’s leading laboratory Hastings Deering to ensure the most accurate results and service. Included in an Oil Analysis is:

  • A Particle count 

  • Viscosity -“Thickness”

  • Water Content

  • Acidity level (TAN)


Once the condition of the oil is known, corrective action can be taken to improve the overall condition of the oil and extend oil and machine life. An oil analysis is a cost-effective way to determine solutions for improving and maintaining the quality, cleanliness and efficiency of your lubricants and machinery.
Over time, this will give a detailed record of any reoccurring contamination and overall oil and machine condition.

Pure Oil technicians are able to develop an individual maintenance plan, which will allow us to provide long-term maintenance schemes to maintain quality circulation. This will result in the overall improvement of the oil condition and life extension of the oil and machine.


Oil analysis is able to detect abnormalities before any serious damage has occurred and the source of the problem is able to be rectified using preventative maintenance (not reactive).  However, analysing the results can be somewhat daunting and confusing. Our oil reports are laid out in a clear concise manner, containing all the necessary and often sought for information.  Within our workforce we have staff who have experience in the oil analysis industry and are able to help you with any queries you may have.


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